About Us

The Fundamentals

Our objective is to enrich the students with Montessori materials that support an inspiring Montessori environment for our students. We are committed to enrich our students’ minds.

Our mission is to prepare our students for success in their life by providing them with exemplary education. We envision that Blooming Scholars Montessori School will be recognized among the top educational institutions of its kind.

– Philosophy –

Individual Attention

We will Cultivate

Creative Learning

Will be Motivate

Structured Environment

We will Maintain

Cognitive & Motor Skills

We will Help in Development

Blooming Scholars Montessori adheres closely to the Montessori Method. This method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, in the early twentieth century. According to Montessori, “A child’s work is to create the person she/he will become.

Children are born with special mental powers which aid in the work of their own construction. But they cannot accomplish the task of self-construction without purposeful movement, exploration, and discovery of their environment – both the things and people within it. They must be given the freedom to use their inborn powers to develop physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Our Montessori classroom provides this freedom within the limits of an environment which develops a sense of order and self-discipline.

When an adult first walks in a Prepared environment that is a Montessori classroom, they are overwhelmed to see a child working very quietly by himself; the reason being the child’s interest. A child cannot be forced to put to work, only he/she has interest in what they are doing.